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How To: Hack Windows 7 (Become Admin)2 min read
The short URL of the present article is: https://4hax.net/1nIlS

Step 1: Introduction:

Hello! Hackers
In this tutorial I will tell you how to hack windows 7 administrator password. However you already know (I think)
Specifically, it is used in school, computer labs or other workplaces,
where, administrator is locked with a password, while you can only use standard user or guest.

Step 2: Start That PC:

  • Turn on the UPS and the CPU, tap F8 continuously on the boot screen to get some windows start-up options .
  • Choose “Start windows normally” option and turn the UPS off immediately.
  • Then turn on the PC again, let it load.
  • After that you will be prompted with two options in the boot screen (again), select the first option – “Launch Start-up Repair(recommended)
  • Let it load and Scan for issues.
  • After 5 min, It will ask you to “restore defaults”, select “Cancel” option.

Step 3: Wait for About 15-20 Minutes:

Now this is where the tricky part comes:

  • After 20 min, an error report screen will pop-up, asking to send information or not.
  • Ignore it, click on “View Problem Details” arrow, scroll down to the end of the report, then click a link stating X:windows something…something (the link starts with an“X”)
  • Another Window will pop-up, and will look like a notepad (it is a notepad)
  • Click File on the Menu-Bar, then select Open, and another window will pop-up (that’s just too many windows!)
  • Navigate to C: drive (or whatever drive on which windows is installed), click Windows, then System32, after that click on the arrow beside the “File Type” option and select “all files
  • Then search for a file named “sethc”(this is the shortcut to stickey keys), rename it to something else (Eg:abc)
  • Search for cmd, make its copy and rename the copy as “sethc”

————————————–ITS DONE!!!———————————————

  • Close everything, restart the PC, go to the log-in screen, press shift 5 times, until a cmd (command prompt) pops-up.
  • Type in “net user administrator /active:yes”, and this will activate the default administrator account of the PC.
  • Change/delete/manage/reset passwords from there.
  • Or you can directly change passwords from cmd, type “net user (admin/any admin account’s name) and then after a space put an asterix.


Step 4: The End:

I know that many of you may know this vulnerability in Windows 7, I just wanted that a tutorial like this should be in Null Byte.

Unfortunately, this vulnerability been overcame in Windows 8 🙁

Thank You,

The short URL of the present article is: https://4hax.net/1nIlS
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